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LaSierra High PE Film Launch

LaSierra High PE during Look Magazine Shoot, Circa 1962

Posted on by Ron Jones

After over three years of research on LaSierra High PE, we have launched the official film documentary teaser and fundraising efforts.  This is for our country and our children.  We owe them.  It’s time to give back…for the “Noble Purpose.” Please view the video teaser and visit our IndieGoGo crowd funding site for donation details.…… More

Circular Journeys To Restoration


Posted on by Ron Jones

We have been on a long journey at The Lean Berets. In our Basecamp group, we all had injuries and “mileage” like most people over age 30. We all felt like there was something missing. It seemed liked people today were still grasping and trying to create “something new” that often overlooked something fundamental. While…… More

Readiness…Beyond 911.

LaSierra HS Physical Education (Circa 1961)

Posted on by Ron Jones

Readiness. Defined: “the condition for being ready, promptness, quickness, willingness to take action.” Ready for what? The Noble Purpose. What is Noble Purpose? Preservation of nation. History shows our future depends upon readiness to defend our nation and preserve our core values. Are we weaker or stronger today in America? Physically? Mentally? Spiritually? Compared to…… More

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