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Jake Monlux & Kids Failed Fitness

Jake Monlux & Ron Jones

Posted on by Ron Jones

We are honored to present this historic show with a true gentleman from America’s “Greatest Generation” named Jake Monlux from We sought out Jake to help us with our historical studies on back pain prevention, corrective exercise, and classical physical education with the gymnastics focus, but Jake provided much more for us. His passion at age…… More

Medicine to the Rescue!


Posted on by Kevin Rail

No, I’m not talking about any of those crappy pharmaceutical drugs like Lipitor, Paxil, Lunesta and Propecia.  The medicine I’m referring to will NOT cause swelling of the face, breasts, feet, neck, chest, and head, or suicidal thoughts, amnesia, insomnia, anxiety, hydrophobia, arachnophobia or depression.  I’m actually talking about a fitness instrument known as the…… More

Organic Colon: Part 1


Posted on by Ron Jones

We don’t often do procedure reviews on such topics at The Lean Berets, but considering the amount of colon cancer and digestive problems in America today, this is worth a series of posts. It’s my personal story. I’ll do my best to be very straight forward and honest in description for educational purposes. There is…… More

Movement Quality: Past & Present


Posted on by Ron Jones

Historically a hundred years ago or so, better physical education programs focused on the restorative content area “first” before sports.  Sports were not used to get people in shape—a form of restorative or even “medical” gymnastics was used quite often. There were different systems of course, but the idea was to create good quality movement…… More

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