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Readiness…Beyond 911.

LaSierra HS Physical Education (Circa 1961)

Posted on by Ron Jones

Readiness. Defined: “the condition for being ready, promptness, quickness, willingness to take action.” Ready for what? The Noble Purpose. What is Noble Purpose? Preservation of nation. History shows our future depends upon readiness to defend our nation and preserve our core values. Are we weaker or stronger today in America? Physically? Mentally? Spiritually? Compared to…… More

Bonnie Prudden Music Charting & Choreography

Bonnie Prudden

Posted on by Ron Jones

Fitness icon Bonnie Prudden was the first modern fitness professional to incorporate music with beautiful movement patterns. Some have called her the real creator of “aerobics.” However, we prefer to think of her work far superior to mere aerobics as her methods and quality were high-quality and very physically literate–plus fun. Here’s a great example…… More

Duty Defined


Posted on by Ron Jones

Duty. Sounds antiquated at times today. What is “duty” defined? Basically a moral commitment to obligation that requires action, but to really understand meaning, let’s examine the Latin debitus (past participle of debere) which means “to owe.” We have interviewed a number of people for our Lean Berets Radio Shows that understood “duty” as classically…… More

Honor Thy Neighbor

We DID have a V-8 after our run and it hit the spot!

Posted on by Kevin Rail

I’m going to get a little philosophical today.  Every person goes through moments in his or her life that define them as a human being.  I recently had one and want to share it with you. I had the privilege of going to Cali to partake in our annual Lean Berets Fitness BAR-B-Q on August…… More

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